Prediction of Dynamic Behaviour of a Single-Phase Rectangular Natural Circulation Loop

A.G. Bruzzone, F. Devia, M. Misale, and S. Viazzo (Italy)


Natural circulation loop, single-phase, modelling, chaosbehaviour, artificial neural network


In this paper, the thermohydraulic behaviour of a single-phase natural circulation experimental plant is presented and approached by modelling. In effect the interaction between the fluid (H2O) and the tube material (Plexiglas) causes the establishing of a unstable behaviour typical of the chaos systems. The experimental data were analysed using the Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). This technique was employed in order to simulate the transient in the loop. Moreover, the ANN technique was applied to the temperature fluid measurement in order to predict the occurrence of flow reversal. This first attempt confirms that this technique could be positively utilised to predict this undesired behaviour.

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