Fire Modelling and Cooling of Storage Tanks in Case of Radiation from Large Pool Fires

F. Devia and M. Fossa (Italy)


: Pool Fire Modelling, Radiation Heat Transfer


This paper presents a model concerning the heat radiated by a pool fire occurring over a storage tank of liquid hydrocarbons with reference to the effects on surrounding tanks. The radiant heat flux over target tanks is calculated based on a solid flame model, where the pool fire is a lumped parameter system. The radiative heat over surroundings is calculated according to a complete 3D propagation model, implemented in a self-built code which solves the complete view factor problem regarding the infinitesimal surfaces that describes the source and target surfaces. It is considered that the tanks facing the flame could be protected against radiation by means of a water film downward injected from a ring at top vessel. To this aim, the heat transfer rate values are finally calculated for different separation distances between tanks in order to evaluate the mass flow rates of water needed for cooling the target tank side.

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