The Thermo-Technical Phenomena in the Intersection of an Outer Wall and an In-Between Floor

I. Moga, C. Munteanu, and L. Moga (Romania)


Building physics, modelling, simulation of heat transfer.


The research concerns the analysis of the influence of thermal insulation upon the out coming thermo-technical parameters with reference to three ways of positioning the thermally insulating layer, namely: locally along the height of the concrete girdle, outside the wall all along its height and on the inner side of the outer wall, between the floors. The thermo-technical parameters determined in our study refer to the linear heat transfer coefficient , to the temperature factor on the inner side fR si , calculated according to SR EN ISO 10211/1-98 and Standard C 107/3-97, chapter 7, point 7.3.2 and the temperature factor on the inner side f* R si , calculated according to SR EN ISO 10211/1-98 chapter 6, point 6.1.2 and the provisions in Standard C 107/3-97, point 5, Annex J. The research concerned more aspects, but the paper presents only the analysis of the results reached for a 36.5 cm standard solid brick masonry wall, plastered on both faces and a reinforced concrete floor with a 20 cm girdle, over which a 5 cm thick cement mortar flooring was laid. The results of the research are presented numerically in tables and also graphically, isothermal surfaces, heat flow surfaces and isothermal curves being plotted for one of the cases chosen. The study was carried out with the help of the two dimensional software, PSIPLAN, derived from the CIMPPLAN software, variant 2004, designed by Prof. Dr. Eng. Moga Ioan.

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