Unscented Kalman Filter for State of Charge Estimation of Lead-Acid Batteries

B. Kortschak, B. Schweighofer, and B. Brandst├Ątter (Austria)


electrochemical model, lead-acid batteries, state of charge,unscented Kalman filter


Accurate estimation of the state of charge or state of health of lead-acid batteries gains increasing attention in automo tive industry. In particular new developments in powertrain engineering of hybrid and electric vehicles demand exact on-line monitoring of the power supply. The unscented Kalman filter is a versatile tool for parameter estimation of nonlinear models. In this work a mathematical battery model is used, which incorporates electrochemical effects like the oxygen-recombination. With a load curve mea sured in a hybrid vehicle the parameters utilization, acid concentration, and volume fraction of the liquid phase are estimated.

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