Dynamic Model of Self Excited Induction Generator

R. Wamkeue (Canada), L. Songia, M. Lakehal (Switzerland), and G.D. Ngoma (Canada)


SEIG, optimization, saturation, capacitors, prediction,experiment, model assessment


The paper presents an effective electromechanical saturated model for transient analysis of saturated self-excited induction generator (SEIG). A neutral connection through impedance is included for an exact modeling of a Park's wye connected induction generator. Shunt configuration of connected capacitors is explored. A constrained optimization is used to compute required capacitor values. Numerical and experimental data obtained during balanced and unbalanced transients of a 380-V, 5.5-kVA, 11.9-A, 50-Hz induction generator, are performed to attest the usefulness and practicability of the proposed SEIG modeling framework.

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