Quasi-Static Modelling of Closed Thin-Hyperelastic Structure Filled with GAS

F. Erchiqui, A. Bendada, F. Godard, and A. Gakwaya (Canada)


Hyperelastic, Finite Element, Quasi-static, Thermodynamical law, gas


The problem of modeling of the inflation of the hyperelastic thin structure, by quasi-static finite element method is considered. To take account of the enclosed gas volume, responsible for inflation of the structure, which contributes significantly to the strength and stiffness of a structure, the expression of external virtual work is expressed by a closed volume integral. The pressure load used in modeling is thus deduced from the thermodynamic law of ideal gases. The hyperelastic behavior of the Mooney-Rivlin model is considered. The lagrangian formulation together with the assumption of the membrane theory is used in the finite element implementation. The numerical validation is performed by comparing the theoretical and numerical solution for the free bubble inflation deformation.

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