Modeling a Hybrid Lean Production System for a Cold Rolling Plant

K. Montenegro, J. de la Cruz, and C. Paternina (Columbia)


CONWIP, modelling, simulation, cold rolling plant, production control


Control production system policies such as CONWIP (constant work in process), have been widely studied by researchers. CONWIP is an alternative to pure push and pure pull systems that lowers and controls inventory levels, lead times and flow time. There is also a reduction in work-in-process (WIP), and offers a robust control production system. The purpose of this paper is to show the advantages of CONWIP, as a hybrid of push and pull policies over a pure push control system; comparing the original control system with the CONWIP system. Additionally, determining the number of CONWIP cards to use, reducing WIP, and maintaining throughput rates. As a result of the simulation using ARENA 8.0, CONWIP presents great reductions of WIP, average inventory, average inventory costs, as well as a reduction on the system variability.

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