Dynamic Model of an Electromechanical Piano Key by Means of FEM Techniques

C. Boccaletti, G. Duni, S. Elia, and E. Santini (Italy)


Virtual Piano Action, Modelling, FEM techniques


Today signal processing techniques have reached really high standards, and the sound produced by digital pianos can be barely recognised from the one produced by actual pianos. However, there are some limitations; in particular, the touch of digital keyboards is usually disappointing. The challenge is to reproduce the same sensation a musician feels playing an actual acoustic piano. In the paper, a model of an electromechanical piano keyboard is proposed and discussed. By means of an electromechanical actuator, the same force acting on the key of an acoustic piano is reproduced. A FEM analysis of the model is performed and the current as a function of the key position is calculated.

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