Simulation of Operational Disturbance in a Hot Strip Mill using a Thermomicrostructural Model

M.L.P. Machado, J.D. Filho, and J. Fagundes, Jr. (Brazil)


Thermomicrostructural Model, Hot Strip Mill Modelling,Microstructural Model.


Using industrial data and a thermomicrostructural model in a computational program, a sensibility analysis has been made by means of changing the thickness, steel temperature and work roll speed in the stand. With this, the effect of these disturbances on the properties of the steel has been analyzed, such as, the mean flow stress, grain size and hot strip temperature in each stand and the influence on the others stands. The model showed that an increase on entry thickness increases the mean flow stress and increases the hot strip temperature at any of the stands, this can promote dynamic and metadynamic recrystallization in the next passes. The increase on entry temperature of the material reduces significantly the mean flow stress and increases the grain size and these effects are also transferred to the next passes. Accompanying the austenite grain size from each stand was a good way to identify the final of the dynamic recrystallization.

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