NEESport: Grid Portal for Earthquake Engineering Community

T. Haupt, A. Kalyanasundaram, N. Ammari, and K. Chandra (USA)


computational Grids, structure simulations,metadata


This paper presents a successful implementation of the NEESport, a Grid Portal for the earthquake engineering community. The portal eliminates the need for installing and maintaining the simulation software by the end user. The Portal front-end is customized for the structure simulations (OpenSees), however, the portal infrastructure is application neutral and can be used as a blueprint for developing portals for other communities. It provides a seamless access to remote resources and supports the incorporation of legacy applications. It uses XML-based metadata extensively, which opens the opportunity to introduce high-level middle-tier services that aggregate and coordinate lower-level services provided by the Globus toolkit. These high-level services fill the gap between the functionality of the base grid services and requirements of the portal and serve as examples of reusable community services envisioned by the Open Grid Service Architecture.

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