Optimistic Distributed Simulation of Hybrid System Models

R. Dreier, G. Wendt, and K.D. Müller-Glaser (Germany)


Distributed co-simulation, optimistic protocol, hybrid system


The requirements for the development of integrated cir cuits and embedded systems are ever-growing due to their rising complexity and distribution. Above all, the verifi cation of a large design proves to be the bottleneck of a conventional computer-based simulation in the design flow, requiring several hours to several days. A possible approach to accelerate a simulation is to process different events on several processors at the same time. In order to meet these requirements a Java-based co-simulation framework has been developed that integrates both do mains. A methodology is presented that allows for a dis tributed simulation of systems on a NOW (network of PC based workstations) with fast optimistic protocols. There by, hybrid electronic systems are focused on, which con tain both state-based discrete event and continuous system models.

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