Observation of Compaction Disturbances in Digester – Empirical and Experimental Approaches

H.-M. Puolakka, M. Tervaskanto, and T. Ahvenlampi (Finland)


kraft pulping, continuous cooking, chip column, fuzzylogic


The compaction of the chip column and the disturbances in the industrial scale conventional cooking process has been studied. The compaction and the flow of the chips through the digester determine the residence time of the chips in each section of the digester. Owing to this the compaction is an important factor to both the control of the process and the quality of the end product. In this study two diverse methods for observing the fault situations related to chip compaction are examined. The chip compaction in the digester is calculated using the physical model. The compaction index is formulated with the aid of the actual process measurements. The results that describe the compaction in the digester can, visually presented, be utilized in observing the disturbances in the chip column movement.

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