Simulating the Spread of Chemical Warfare Agents

A. Al-Haddad (Kuwait)


Chemical warfare, chemical warfare agent release,computer simulation, and dispersion modeling


Chemical Agents are substances intended for use in military operations to kill, seriously injure, or incapacitate humans because of its toxic properties. A model is developed to simulate the spread of chemical warfare agents. It is found that the spread of chemical warfare agent is greatly influenced by the nature of explosion and thus the area covered in the explosion pose greater hazard compared to the downwind spread area. The model gives the immediate impact area and the affected area. The dispersion of the gas is also presented based on the wind direction and speed. It uses the obtainable data such that the type of chemical warfare agent, amount of agent, weapon type, wind direction and wind speed. After providing the details, the model predicts the speed and the direction of the spread of the chemical warfare agent. The model serves as an excellent tool to assist in emergency response and planning in case of chemical agent attack. It helps in determining the population at risk, casualties and infrastructure and critical facilities lying within the extent of the hazard.

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