Weapons of Mass Deception (WMD): Fibs, Lies & Ambiguities

V. Selman, R.C. Selman, J. Selman, and E. Selman (USA)


Lying, Ambiguities, Ethics, Deception, Trust


Poly-Guilty takes ambiguity to higher levels of quantum actualization, simultaneously embedding two or more types of deception--both tactical and strategic--into the house rules: o A-type, or "ambiguity-increasing," o M-type or "misleading." The nature of deception ("deliberate misrepresentation of reality to gain a competitive edge") will be explored, both horizontally and vertically, citing recent cases of ubiquitous Lying from business, religion, media, Martha Stewart, the Supreme Court, Science Fraud (or the more euphemistic "Scientific Misconduct"), and the politico military's so-called Weapons of Mass Deception (WMD). Also touched on will be the Annual Festival of Lying, the infamous Cumbrian Liars, and other tall taletellers. As well as the results of searching through our culture for that flaw that encourages lies, fibs, fraud and deceit-making us no "better" in trust, peace, honesty and harmony then our "prevaricating" forebears?

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