Application of AHP for Prioritizing Research Areas to Global Climate Change in Thailand

J. Santisirisomboon, J. Milindalekha S, K. Boonprakob, and W. Pongsri (Thailand)


Application in Management and operation Research; Analytic Hierarchy Process; global climate change; multicriteria decision making


Fifteen research areas of impact, adaptation and vulnerability to global climate change as well as greenhouse gases mitigation have been proposed for Thailand in order to strengthen its research basis to cope with climate change problems. The fifteen research areas will have different importance level when considered with different criteria. In order to prioritize the research areas in an orderly manner, the analytic hierarchy process was applied to calculate the importance index in each area with respect to four judgment criteria. The judgment values of each hierarchy level are evaluated from the questionnaires through direct interview of 6 major groups of stakeholders. The prioritization process shows that three most important research areas are the research on the impact and adaptation of forestry sector, agricultural sector and water resource.

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