Simulation and Graph Model in the One-Way Road Network Problem

K.C. Tan and S.C. Lew (Singapore)


Operations Research, one-way road network problem, graph model, Paramics


It is not uncommon to convert various two-way roads to one-way roads to alleviate congestion in the practical field of transport engineering. However, to select the best combination of directions of a series of one-way roads in a network is not an easy task, thus giving rise to the one way road network problem. It has been shown that the one-way road network problem can be fashioned as the Module Orientation Problem using a graph model; one of the many solutions for the Module Orientation Problem can then be applied to solve the problem. This paper takes this application of the graph model further by showing how a minimum cut may be applied to a graph model obtained with the aid of the traffic simulation package, thus allowing the graph model to produce a one-way road network with a minimal delay (for a given traffic volume and network layout). As an illustration, the graph model is applied on two selected case studies and a minimum cut is used. The results obtained are then run and verified using Paramics.

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