Business Process and Information Technology Simulation for the Small and Medium Enterprise: A Case Study

A. Avendano (Mexico)


BPISS, Business Process, SME, Information Systems.


Information Technology (IT) has long been recognized to bring benefits to the organizational process performance. These benefits, however, can only be seen after the system implementation. The UK funded research project, ASSESS-IT, has proposed a new simulation framework called business process and information systems simulation (BPISS), that provides the means to develop simulation models portraying BP and IS behavioral measurements. In this way, the analyst can foresee the benefits of the insertion of a particular IS design, and implement it to achieve overall improved performance in the organizational processes, prior the implementation. This paper tests the BPISS in a small or medium enterprise (SME), to investigate the suitability of this framework to address SMEs organization objectives. Finally, this paper presents a critical appraisal from the results obtained in a case study, highlighting the advantages and limitations of this approach to address SME process demands.

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