Forward and Inverse Transport of Particulate Matter and Gaseous Pollutants Affecting the Region Bordering the English Channel

S. Plainiotis, K.A. Pericleous, B.E.A. Fisher, and L. Shier (UK)


Atmospheric Pollution, Lagrangian, Modelling, Air quality


The ATTMA "Aerosol Transport in the Trans-Manche Atmosphere" project investigates the transportation and dispersion of air pollutants across the English Channel, in collaboration with local authorities and other Universities in Southern England and Northern France. The research is concerned with both forward and inverse (receptor based) tracking. Two alternative dispersion simulation methods are used: (a) Lagrangian Particle Dispersion (LPD) models, (b) Eulerian Finite Volume type models. This paper is concerned with part (a), the simulations based on LPD models. Two widely applied LPD models are used and compared. Since in many observed episodes the source of pollution is traced outside the region of interest, long range, trans-continental transport is also investigated.

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