Simulations of Reservoir Inflow at Long-Term Time Scales by HBV Hydrological Model

P.-S. Yu, C.-C. Kuo, T.-C. Yang, and Y.-C. Li (Taiwan)


Environmental Systems Modelling, Model Calibration and Verification, Reservoir Operation


Reservoir operation is usually based on the inflows of a reservoir's upstream catchment. In Taiwan, the time scale of 10-day is usually adopted for reservoir operation. If a model can simulate the inflows well at 10-day time scale, this model may be helpful to forecast and benefit the reservoir operation and management, especially during the dry-season. Therefore, this study aimed to apply the HBV hydrological model for inflow simulation at 10-day time scale. The results from the study areas (two basins) reveal that the HBV hydrological model had good performances on model calibration and verification by using the 10-day meteorological and inflow records during the dry-season.

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