A Three-Dimensional Stochastic Model for Tissue Growth

B.B. Youssef (Canada)


3-Dimensional modeling, stochastic models, cellular au tomata, tissue growth.


We report the development of a three-dimensional compu tational model for tissue growth using cellular automata. The stochastic model accounts for mammalian cell mi gration, division, and collision. Specifically, it employs Markov chain theory to model the trajectories of migrating cells. In modeling the growth of tissue, each computational site can be either occupied by a living cell, or be free and available for cell movement and division. A computational site is considered to be an automaton with a finite number of possible states interacting with a finite number of neigh boring sites. At discrete times, these sites change states by interacting with neighboring cells. These random dy namic processes can be modeled by appropriately choosing the governing rules of the state transitions of each compu tational site. Such discrete systems provide an alternative approach to continous models to describe the dynamics of complex systems evolving in time.

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