Modelling of Bulging Friction Brake Mechanisms for a New In-pipe Inspection Microrobot

M. Ono and S. Kato (Japan)


In-pipe, Microrobot


This paper describes a modelling of bulging friction brake mechanisms for an in-pipe inspection microrobot. The bulging friction brake mechanism consists of rubber bellows provided six bulging friction brakes made of rubber. The friction force and traction force generated by the bulging friction brakes are investigated. The bulging friction brake is modelled as a simple beam fixed at both ends. It is confirmed that the traction force generated by the bulging friction brake mechanisms is predicted. The fabricated microrobot can move in a pipe whose inner diameter changes from 25 mm to 31 mm and the friction factor is as small as 0.34. Modelling, Bulging-friction-brake,

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