Implementation of a Graphic Interface for DFE Equalizer Simulation for SFN in the ATSC Standard

E.M. Lopes and A.C. Ferreira (Brazil)


Simulation, equalization, SFN, ATSC, and GraphicInterface


The objective of this paper is to present an interface to study the DFE Equalizer for SFN (Single Frequency Network) [1] in the ATSC Standard. The equalizers used today are very important because they are responsible for the minimization of the interference between symbols provoked by the dispersion of the channel's impulsive response. There are some situations, where these channels present sparse dispersion. This issue is important in SFN, where the equalizers are used in channels with sparse dispersion. In this case, a graphic interface for simulation DFE Equalizer [1] [2] for SFN in ATSC [3] [4] [5] Standard would be interesting. This implementation proposes a user to choose many parameters to configure the simulation, like the algorithm of equalization, channel, LMS step, GPEA-G parameters, number of taps (FIR, FIR 1, FIR 2) and others. In this paper, an interface to implement this subject is proposed using the software MATLAB [6] [7] [8].

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