Using Pseudo-Farin Points on Variable Degree Polynomial Splines for Font Design

Q.-N. Tran and M. Kankanawadi (USA)


Computer Aided Geometric Design, Farin point, variabledegree splines, font design.


This paper discusses the use of pseudo-Farin points for con struction and shape controling of variable degree polyno mial spline curves, especially for font design. The main advantages of this approach are that (a) we are able to sim ulate the shape of rational cubic B-spline objects using only polynomials; (b) the new approach is better for designing and shape controling in the sense that when pseudo-Farin points for a control point are changed, only two adjacent pieces of the curve are changed whereas in a rational cu bic B-spline curve, four adjacent pieces of the curve will be changed. As the result, the number of control points for designing fonts can be reduced by 40-50% in most cases.

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