A Case Study for Partitioned Modelling of a Control System

B. Däne and W. Fengler (Germany)


Modelling, Computer Control, RealTime Program ming, Mixed Models.


This paper describes a case study and additional con siderations about modelling an embedded high performance control system. Special consideration is given to a partitioning concept that supports distinction of partitions for the actual implementation, the environ mental model and instrumentations for simulation only. This concept does not press the model into a certain struc ture but still provides hierarchical properties to the parti tioning process. The model uses a multi-domain approach with both continuous-time and discrete-event views. It includes signal-flow components as well as statechart dia grams. Goals of the modelling process are functional vali dation of the solution and performance evaluation. In fu ture the approach should contribute to a methodology for generating software from the model. The modelling envi ronment in the study has been a multi-domain modelling tool. An experimental implementation of the partitioning algorithm helped investigating the method. Further im provements are discussed too.

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