Management of Log Delay Time with Drumming Parameters

A.K. Hyvönen, A.H. Isokangas, K.E.E. Pöllänen, and J.J. Niinimäki (Finland)


Wood debarking, control of debarking drum, delay time distributions, drumming parameters


It has been noticed that in normal wood processing some logs are broken, some properly debarked and some still partly bark covered. It seems to indicate that individual logs are processed under different processing times. The minimising of the delay time distribution is an important goal in the optimisation of the drumming process. Therefore, it is important to know which processing parameters are leading to the narrow delay time distribution in order to avoid over and under processed logs. The aims of this research were to investigate the effect of processing parameters on the wood log delay time distributions in the debarking drum, and to discover the utilization possibilities of these distributions in the process control of the debarking drum. Drumming parameters, such as drum inclination angle, gate position and capacity, have clearly an effect on the wood log delay time distribution in the drum. In order to achieve good debarking degree with minimal wood loss, it is important to choose drumming conditions which offer each log drumming time as equal as possible. This seems to be done best by maintaining equal axial flow by choosing relatively high capacity and low gate position.

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