Reverse Engineering Ontology to Conceptual Data Models

H. El-Ghalayini, M. Odeh, R. McClatchey, and T. Solomonides (UK)


Ontology, Conceptual Data Model, Largescale Information and Data Integration.


Ontologies facilitate the integration of heterogeneous data sources by resolving semantic heterogeneity between them. This research aims to study the possibility of generating a domain conceptual model from a given ontology with the vision to grow this generated conceptual data model into a global conceptual model integrating a number of existing data and information sources. Based on ontologically derived semantics of the BWW model, rules are identified that map elements of the ontology language (DAML+OIL) to domain conceptual model elements. This mapping is demonstrated using TAMBIS ontology. A significant corollary of this study is that it is possible to generate a domain conceptual model from a given ontology subject to validation that needs to be performed by the domain specialist before evolving this model into a global conceptual model.

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