Phonebook Search Engine for Mobile P2P Social Networks

B. Bakos, L. Farkas (Hungary), and J.K. Nurminen (Finland)


peer-to-peer (P2P), time-to-live (TTL), search, ranking,smart phone


Search engines generally lack the trust and personalization dimension needed for recommender systems to answer questions like: "I need a reliable plumber close to my house". In order to obtain personalization, social relevance and a decent amount of privacy, the search database itself needs to be personalized. One possible dimension of personalization is the social neighborhood of the searcher. One projection of a person's social neighborhood is the set of phonebook entries in a mobile phone. In particular, the phonebook links represent a readily available infrastructure to create a peer-to-peer social network for socially relevant search. In order to demonstrate the concept our work introduces a novel search engine algorithm for this kind of social networks. The implementation of the concept has been done on Series 60 Symbian platforms over GSM using short message exchange. We also discuss privacy aspects and possible enhancements in the social dimension of the search.

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