Cooperative Agents and Software Fingerprinting for Security in Intrusion Detection Systems based on Autonomous Agents

R. Páez (Spain), C. Satizábal (Spain, Colombia), and J. Forné (Spain)


Multi-agent systems, Mobile Agents, Intrusion Detection Systems, IDS, Watermarking, fingerprinting


Intrusion Detection Systems detect suspicious activities and possible intrusions in a system or a particular network at the moment at which these happen. To achieve their objectives the different entities that compose the IDS need to communicate with each other. Thus it is important to keep in mind the integrity of the information, authentication and access control. The disadvantages of the security of mobile agents are multiplied in IDS, which increases the risk of possible intrusions. In this paper we present a scene of specific risk and we give a solution throughout cooperative agents and hash functions. Furthermore, software fingerprinting is used in order to detect a possible collusion attack.

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