MatBase Entity-Relationship Diagrams Subsystem Meta-Catalog Conceptual Design

C. Mancas and S. Mancas (Romania)


Database Algorithms, Design and Architecture, Manage ment Systems


MatBase is a Knowledge and Database Management Sys tem jointly developed by DATASIS ProSoft srl and Ovi dius University, based on the Elementary Mathematical Data Model (EMDM) and Datalog. Its Entity-Relation ship Diagram (E-RD) subsystem uses two linear transla tion algorithms: one to EMDM and one to the Relational Data Model (RDM). Its EMDM subsystem uses two simi lar ones, to E-RD and RDM, respectively. The paper pre sents these first two algorithms and their properties, as well as the conceptual design of the E-RD meta-catalog in three formalisms: E-RD, EMDM, and RDM.

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