Relationships between Attributes to Integrate Heterogeneous Data Sources: An SQL Methodology

S. Hamdoun and F. Boufares (France)


: Database, data warehouse, heterogeneous structures and data, integration.


: In this paper we present our manner to build a data warehouse using heterogeneous data sources. Nowadays, information systems are constructed thanks to the use of internal data within an organization and also some of the numerous data sources available on the web. Thus, the challenge is to integrate all these kinds of data which may be heterogeneous. Our work is to present a methodology to construct a set of views (a data warehouse) based on the extraction of the inter-schema relationships between sources. We define three types of relationships between attributes: the synonymy, the inclusion and the disjunction. To illustrate these relationships we consider two relational and/or object-relational databases. All the different stages proposed in this work are implemented by the use of a functional prototype.

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