Mathematical Morphology Operators for Reading Radioactivity DNA Array Images

J. Angulo (France)


DNA array image, spot quantification, spot gridding, math ematical morphology, granulometry, opening


We have recently proposed an automatic non-supervised set of algorithms for an accurate spot data extraction from Cy3/Cy5 cDNA microarrays using morphological opera tors. On the basis of an image signal intensity model, we explore in this study the application of advanced morpho logical filters for the spot determination and the spot signal quantification on radio-labelled cDNA arrays. The idea be hind the approach here developed is to use the connected operators like area and contrast opening, adaptively applied according to the image features (size of spots, background estimate, etc.), for defining a zone of the positive spots where computing effectively the spot intensity without the overlapping and background contributions. A gridding al gorithm is only necessary to index the detected spots to be able to identify the corresponding biological probe.

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