An HDR Brightness Correction Algorithm for Panorama Images

W. Zhang and B. Zhou (PRC)


image mosaics, HDR, panorama


Image mosaics are widely used in many Image Based Rendering (IBR) applications such as panorama, virtual realities, etc. When differently exposed images are used for mosaics, visible shifts in brightness will be found in the resulted images, which are harmful for their applications. To solve this problem, some work has been done but none of them works well [1] [2]. In this paper, by using the High Dynamic Range (HDR) image processing techniques, we present an exposure adjustment method to eliminate the brightness artifacts contained in the mosaicked images. The brightness of the whole resulted image appears complete uniform. Compared with other methods, our method is effective and robust. In addition, our resulted image is presented in HDR format, which makes it easy to render the scene with different exposure effects. One example of this is shown in this paper.

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