Pedestrian Traffic Lights Recognition in a Scene using a PDA

D. Moreno Eddowes and J. Lopez Krahe (France)


Scene analysis, Image segmentation, Object recognition, Technical help, Compensation aid for handicapped.


We present a project that consists of the Pedestrian Traffic Lights Interpretation oriented for blind people. It is implemented on a mobile and autonomous system, a PDA with a Video Camera incorporated. The traffic lights interpretation is based on the analysis of the images taken by the Video Camera and the general problem can be defined as finding a certain object in a complex scene. The complete system integrates other adapted functions for disabled people, for example a vocal agenda that features word recognition. The problem is subdivided in two different processes : the Segmentation Process and the Recognition Process. In the first stage, the image is processed to find the contours of the objects of interest using a colour segmentation. In the second stage, we use structural methods over the patterns selected to decide if the pedestrian traffic light is Green (moving figure) or Red (still figure). The system should allow us at medium-term, the learning and recognition of multiple images specific to each user (multiple objects) with the object of becoming an adaptable technical help. A demonstration of the system will be presented for the Congress.

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