A Numerical Model of Free Surface Incompressible Flow

M. Amara, F. El Dabaghi, and C. Kada Kloucha (France)


NavierStokes, free surface, characteristics method, finiteelement, dry and wet element.


In this work, we analyse a numerical model of a free sur face water flow in a lake. The main difficulty resides in set ting a numerical scheme sufficiently stable, for describing the evolution of the free surface and consequently to find the water elevation at each moment. The water phase sim ulator is based on a velocity-pressure Ե variational for mulation of incompressible Navier-Stokes equations; the approximation is achieved by the characteristics method for the time discretization, combined to a mixed finite el ement ȽBubble-Ƚ in space. After a synthetic review of several methods used in this framework, we present our approach based on a wetting-drying algorithm on a fixed grid of the whole Air-Water domain. We present some nu merical results, validating our approach on a bidimensional case.

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