A Volume Spline Interpolation Tool for Elastomechanical and Aerodynamic Data Transfer Problems

M. Cordero-Gracia, P. Ripollés, E. Valero, and M. Gómez (Spain)


Numerical Methods, 3-Dimensional Modelling, Computational Geometry, Simulation tools.


In loosely-coupled aerolastic computation, the aerodyna mic and elastomechanical models are based on different grids. CFD tools are applied over the aerodynamic grid whereas CSM tools over the structural one. Interpolation procedures are necessary to transfer structural deforma tions to aerodynamic grid, and aerodynamic loads to struc tural one. Although the transfer of geometry deformation data between CFD and CSM methods seems to be trivial, this is not true. The meshes are usually not conforming, thus robust, three dimensional and non-intrusive interpola tion tools are necessary. For that purpose an interpolator based on volume spline elements is applied. Volume spline interpolation is a very simple method which does not re quire any additional logic and can be straightforwardly ap plied to any 3D data. The interpolation satisfies a positivity constraint which prohibits the occurrence of local extremal.

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