Numerical Modelling and Adaptative Mesh Refinement for Shallow-Water Equations

N. Guelmi, M. Amara, and F. Dabaghi (France)


numerical simulation, Shallow-water, fluids, free bound ary, finite elements, error Indicators, a posteriori error esti mates, adaptive meshing.


The numerical simulation of river at a hydraulic scale is a hard problem due to the complexity and variability of the flow domain and to the large scale computational aspects resulting from the necessity of a grid refinement in order to obtain an acceptable realistic solution. The use of error indicators and a posteriori error estimations is of high inter est since it permits to optimize the refinement only in some regions automatically determinate and consequently it will improve the numerical solution. In this work, we applied these techniques to the 2.5D Saint-Venant equations simu lating a free surface river flow. Some numerical results are then performed to validate the efficiency of the proposed method.

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