Narrow Band Cross-coupled Microstrip Filter using Miniaturized Hairpin Resonators

I.N. Alvizuri R., H. Abdalla, Jr., P. Carvalho, T. Carvalho, M. Chaiben, and C. Evangelista (Brazil)


Cross-coupled filter, microstrip resonators, microwave bandpass filters.


This work describes a new class of transfer functions having one finite transmission zero at an arbitrary frequency. This function transfer permits the realization of microwave band-pass filters with a quasi-elliptical amplitude response and at the same time linear phase in the pass-band. This class of filter is obtained combining three successive Bessel polynomials. The microwave filter is designed using compact miniaturized microstrip hairpin resonators. Theoretical and experimental results are presented. The compact size and the excellent performance of this class of filters have been demonstrated.

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