Boost-Mode ZVS Phase-Shift Full-Bridge Converter

G.-C. Hsieh, H.-L. Chen, and C.-Y. Kuo (Taiwan)


Boost-mode ZVS PS-FB converter, high output voltage, resonance, and PWM.


Modeling and experimentation of a boost-mode zero-voltage-switched (ZVS) phase-shift full-bridge (PS-FB) converter with two clamped diodes are proposed. Six conversion states for describing the converter charac teristics are explored and modeled, including en ergy-clamped state, power-delivery state, first resonant state, energy-holding state, second resonant state, and commutation state etc. In order to build a model for prac tical converter analysis and design, the step-up high-frequency transformer model is included. A design example of 3.5kW ZVS PS-FB converter with output voltage of 480Vdc is examined to verify the predicted sys tem performance.

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