Streaming Scratchpad Memory Organization for Video Applications

A. Berić, R. Sethuraman, H. Peters, G. Veldman, J. van Meerbergen, and G. de Haan (The Netherlands)


streaming scratchpad memory, data reorganization, folding, motion estimation, video applications


To address the high data bus bandwidth requirements, the principle of locality of reference is exploited in the vast ma jority of video processing algorithms. Especially, for appli cation's kernels based on motion estimation, it is inevitable to fetch the pixel data from a local storage. However, the video application kernel requirements can vary signif icantly. The technique of data re-organization and folding (extensively used in software to map operations of same type to a single resource in a time-multiplexed fashion) are presented in the context of the design of customized streaming video scratchpad memories. These techniques transform one scratchpad organization into the another in order to best satisfy the kernel's requirements and physical design constraints. Three instances of streaming scratch pads suiting different kernel types are designed. Based on the RTL and netlist level simulations, their differences in performance, power dissipation and silicon area are stated.

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