Digital Watermarking Method against Arbitrarily Shaped Cut and Paste on the Basis of Morphology

M. Iwata and A. Shiozaki (Japan)


image processing, digital watermark, copyright protection,texture analysis, morphology


This manuscript proposes a new digital watermarking method against arbitrarily shaped cut and paste using tex ture analysis. The method employs a binary texture image as a watermark and embeds it into the least significant bit of an image, where the binary texture image has a proper feature as the watermark. Then a binary image extracted from a cut and pasted watermarked image can be divided into some areas by texture segmentation. Each area has a different texture than the other areas. The area correspond ing to the watermarked image ought to represent the wa termark embedded in it. So the method can take the areas of the watermarked images out from cut and pasted water marked images by texture segmentation. In the proposed method, it is important how to generate a watermark and how to judge a similarity between a watermark and the ex tracted texture. The method solves the problems by using morphological image processing.

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