A Simple and Accurate Non-Linear Transformer Model Including Hysteresis Implemented in Matlab/Simulink

S. Munk-Nielsen and H. Christiansen (Denmark)


Modelling, simulation and transformer


A non-linear simulation model of a single-phase silicon steel core transformer is developed, with the purpose of simulating the instant voltages and currents. The goal of this paper is to present and then verify the model and showing how to extract the non-linear model parameters. Laboratory experiments are carried out to obtain the transformer model parameters. Comparison of the simulated and measured voltages and currents show close agreement. In the next verification step is the transformer core changed, and it is investigated if the developed transformer model is able of predicting the voltages and currents. It is shown by comparison of measurement and simulation results that the simulation model predicts the behaviour of the real transformer accurately. The transformer model is considered accurate enough to be useful for loss prediction.

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