New PLL System to High Accuracy Ultrasound Measurement

C. Bartoletti, M. Caciotta, and F. Leccese (Italy)


PLL, DLL, ultrasound.


Ultrasound signal, received by an ultrasound (U.S.) machine from target under observation, has an impulsive form. Actual systems use a non-linear stage, as a logarithmic amplifier, to get its amplitude demodulation and to display it on U.S. scanner monitor. This work proposes an idea to realize a new input stage based on phase locked loop (PLL) system to obtain a more accurate amplitude demodulation. PLL, is an inherently slow system and it needs several cycles to reach phase lock, so it must be modified by means with a delay locked loop (DLL) to obtain more quickness from PLL. A first system has been realized and experimental results confirm the goodness of our idea.

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