Increasing Robustness of One Bit Embedding Spread Spectrum Audio Watermarking Against Malicious Attack

Y. Erfani and S. Ghaemmaghami (Iran)


Audio Watermarking, data hiding, spread spectrum


In this paper, we change the correlation detector at receiver of spread spectrum (SS) audio watermarking to present a mechanism that prevents the system against malicious attack. The receiver of typical SS-based watermarking can only detect the watermark bit, while a pirate can send a pure signal that may incorrectly be detected as a watermarked signal. In our system we consider all conditions that we may have in SS-based watermarking system. By computing a threshold, we can detect watermark in any of two cases of having watermarked signal or pure original signal at the receiver. We reduce false alarm probability to approximately zero in our system. This mechanism, as compared to SS, comes with the same distortion and slightly higher error probability. However, our system is shown to be robust against malicious attack.

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