Sampled Continuous Time Filter Banks and Frame Theory

G. Langwagen (Uruguay) and A. Lopes (Brazil)


signal processing, continuous time filter bank, timefrequency decomposition, Gabor frames


Our proposal is to use a sampled continuous time filter bank to decompose in time and frequency non band limited func tions. We present the proposed structure of the analysis bank and we indicate how to use another synthesis bank to obtain a continuous time output. We relate this proposal to standard time frequency analysis and we explain the con nection between the construction of perfect reconstruction systems and the mathematical theory of Gabor frames. In this contribution we show that the consequence of using causal filters is that the output will always be delayed by a multiple of the inverse of the spacing of the filters in the frequency domain. We also suggest some relations between the widths of the filters impulse responses and the parame ters of the lattice.

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