Hybrid Partitioned Frequency/Time Domain Adaptive Filtering Algorithm for Shaker Control

M.O. Ajangnay, M.W. Dunnigan, and B.W. Williams (UK)


Hybrid, adaptive filtering, filtered-x, inverseadaptive control, electrodynamic shaker, FIR model.


- A Hybrid Partitioned Frequency/Time domain adaptive filtering algorithm for vibration shock control is proposed. Due to the complexity of the electrodynamic shaker transfer function, the FIR based model of this transfer function requires thousands of filter weights. The Hybrid Partitioned Frequency/Time domain approach for computing the shaker model and inverse controller model is proposed, such that when this controller is cascaded with the shaker/specimen system, the output of the controlled system tracks the reference signal. The control system algorithm uses both frequency domain and time domain adaptive filtering methods. The model of the shaker system was computed using the partitioned block frequency domain adaptive FIR algorithm where the weights are partitioned in a non-overlapped fashion. The control algorithm is designed to implement the filtered-x algorithm in the time domain. The simulation and practical results indicate the effectiveness of this combined time and frequency algorithm.

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