Time Frequency Analysis using Sensors Array based on Kronecker Products

W.D. Sánchez R., C.A. Aceros, and D. Rodríguez (Puerto Rico)


Microphones array, micro-microphones, A/D converter,


This paper examines the possibilities of using a microphones array and DSP processor to determine time frequency analysis in the spectrum of audible sound. In sound applications, three important measurements are used: first the intensity, second the direction and finally the frequency content of the incoming sound wave. These three measurements are used to perform acoustical detection, in order to obtain a complete characterization of particular sound phenomenon (time-frequency).This work is based on the implementation of time-frequency algorithms on the DSP processor to prove if DSP processors are enough for embedded applications. The hardware implemented was made with micro microphones, and the A/D converter was performed by the TI (Texas Instruments) EVM (Evaluation Module) ADS8364 for data acquisition from six A/D converters and TMS320C6711 DSP processor of TI.

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