Classical Signal Analysis of the Fuel Feed System in CFB Boiler

I. Lerssi, J. Mononen, and T. Karjalainen (Finland)


power plants, circulating fluidized bed boiler, cross correlation, coherence, radiation weigher


The fuel feed system is crucial point to the power plants functionality. Problems in the fuel feed system reflects easily to the whole system causing fluctuation. This fluctuation decreases e.g. efficiency and is therefore unwanted. At some plants fuel amounts fluctuation have been compensated using measurement and control of the fuel flow. The fuel mass flow measurement is very sensitive to disturbances in fuel quality e.g. moisture, heat value content. Therefore fuel flow measurement can amplify disturbances and together with ill tuned control system can cause the fluctuation of the fuel feed system. This paper presents experimental results from the fuel feed system of the 300 MW circulating fluidized bed boiler. Examination was made focusing on power plants fuel flow measurement which based on the radiation weigher. The analysis was made by using classical signal analysing tools such as correlation and coherence.

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