Data Acquisition System based Analysis of Damage Energy in CTFEs

R.F. Abdel-Kader and M.A. El-Hadek (USA)


DAS, Energy Measurements, Energy Analysis, Damage Energy, Fatigue, and CTFE.


An automated Data Acquisition System (DAS) has been developed to measure and analyze the damage energy dissipated during fatigue crack propagation of the polymeric material, polymonochlorotrifluoroethylene (CTFE). The process is completely automated and energy measurements were calculated using National Instruments data acquisition card and LabVIEW software. Tension tension load control fatigue test was performed under controlled load. Displacement, load, and temperature measurements were collected and stored. The hysteresis loops were then constructed and analyzed using the DAS. The calculations were based on the energy release rate, J* , and the change in work expanded on damage formation and history dependent viscous dissipative processes, iW& . The analysis of the damage energy, D& per unit time was performed on CTFE for different notch to width ratios a/W ranging between 0.04 to 0.1, and for the low frequency range of 1 to 5 Hz. The hysteresis energies for both notched and unnotched specimens during cyclic loading were obtained and analyzed using the DAS. It was found that the damage energy decreases with the decrease of the notch to width ratios. Where as, the energy that dissipates in damage formation dramatically increases with the increase of the fatigue frequency rate.

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