Reactive Power Compensation in Low Voltage Customers with PV Systems

K. Sakakibara, D. Iioka, Y. Yokomizu, T. Matsumura, and N. Izuhara (Japan)


Power quality, Power distribution, SVC, PV system


An SVC is proposed as a reactive power compensation de vice to suppress the rise in the customer voltage due to the PV systems. The SVC produces a reactive power by con trolling a thyristor. The effect of the SVC on the rise in the customer voltage has been investigated. Calculation results show that installing an SVC in the low voltage side is more effective for suppressing the rise in the customer voltage compared to the one located in the high voltage side. As far as the calculation conditions are concerned, it is found that the rated capacity of the SVC needed to maintain the customer voltage within 101 6 V is over 11.1 kVA. The slope reactance required to suppress the customer voltage lower than 107 V is found to be under 1.28 %.

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