Self-position Estimation of Autonomous Mobile Robot with Vision using Matching-time Variable Image Template

K. Doki, H. Tsutsumi, A. Torii, and A. Ueda (Japan)


Self-Position Estimation, Vision for Autonomous Mobile Robot, Generation of Image Template, Genetic Algorithm


The vision has been focused on by many researchers as a powerful sensor for an autonomous mobile robot because of the great ability to collect abundant information about the situation around the robot. Now, we have aimed to es tablish a methodology of action acquisition with the real time search for the robot with vision. In the case of action acquisition with the real-time search, it is necessary that the computational amount of the image processing varies according to the situation around the robot. Moreover, the efficient and robust image processing is required. These are because the available time for action acquisition varies according to the situation and it is limited. In this research, we aim a new image processing method which satisfies the above two features required to the robot vision, and we propose a generation method of an image template for the self-position estimation of an au tonomous mobile robot based on the above ideas as an ex ample in this paper.

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